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Dead Sea Pet Grooming Conditioner Bundle For Dogs & Cats

Dead Sea Pet Grooming Conditioner Bundle For Dogs & Cats

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Rendering loop-subscriptions
Set yourself apart from other groomers by using North America's first
and only line of Dead Sea Spa products for pets. Products made with Dead
Sea elements have been known for centuries to have remarkable healing
and revitalizing properties. In the past 30 years, Dead Sea products for people have grown in popularity and amassed a devoted fan base all over the world. Be the first groomer to offer your clients an exclusive service that they already know works, because pets deserve the best too!

Soos™ Conditioners are made up of Dead Sea salt, minerals and water.
They are then combined with 71 plants, herbs, extracts and roots.
Finally, they are fortified with individual natural ingredient formulas
to make each conditioner address a specific need. Best of all, they are concentrated so a little bit will go a long way!

This bundle includes three 250 ml/ 8 oz sized bottles of conditioner.
Not only do our conditioners promote hair strength, softness and shine,
but they also easily address common issues like proneness to dirt
accumulation, undercoat build up, shedding, bald spots and dry skin. Lastly, they
help balance pH levels, replenish moisture and create a protective
barrier against harsh elements. We guarantee that you will notice these
affects after just one use.   

Some ingredients include:
Olive Oil
Coconut Oil
Grape Seed Extract
Vitamin E
Provitamin B5
Extracts of 71 Plants, Herbs & Roots
Dead Sea Salt
Dead Sea Minerals
Dead Sea Water

Products include:
Ultra Crème Conditioner 250 ml/ 8.45 oz
Hypoallergenic Revitalizing Leave-In Conditioner 250 ml/ 8.45 oz
Deep Hydrating Leave-In Conditioner 250 ml/ 8.45 oz

Please read and follow the directions on label.
For a complete list of ingredients, please refer to the individual 
product page.
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