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Gentle Bundle

Gentle Bundle

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Classic bundle of 3 Soos Wellness Chicken Tenders Treats & 1 500ml Soos Pets Tearless Puppy & Kitten Shampoo and Ultimate bundle of 12 Soos Wellness Chicken Tenders Treats & 1 4L Soos Pets Tearless Puppy & Kitten Shampoo

CHICKEN TENDERS One ingredient treat with gentle digestive formula for young pets and pets with limited diet. Made in a complex with Soos Pets Tearless Puppy & Kitten shampoo.

Healthy, hydrated skin is essential as your puppy or kitten grows up to be big and strong.  Besides that, wet, sudsy puppies and kittens are just too cute to pass up! At this stage in their life, puppies and kittens need special products designed to be gentle enough that they won’t disturb pH levels, irritate eyes or irritate your puppy or kitten's sensitive skin.  Our gentle tearless formula is specially designed for puppies and kittens because it is made with a blend of Dead Sea minerals, vitamins C and E, oats, coconut oil, honey, pumpkin seed oil, nettle & essential oils. It will softly cleanse your pet’s skin and coat while providing essential vitamins, minerals and oils to help your pet grow strong, thick and healthy coats. 

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