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Soos Wellness Dry Skin Repair Bundle for Dog & Cat

Soos Wellness Dry Skin Repair Bundle for Dog & Cat

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Classic bundle of 3 Soos Wellness Cod & Pumpkin Treats & 1 500ml Soos Pets Mineral Rich Mud Shampoo and Ultimate bundle of 12 Soos Wellness Cod & Pumpkin Treats & 1 4L Soos Pets Mineral Rich Mud Shampoo

SOOS WELLNESS treats are naturally delicious and a natural source of protein, Omega 3 & 6 and fiber that supports a healthy digestive system. SOOS WELLNESS Treats are made of sustainably-fished cod skin, fresh pumpkin and eggs, coconut oil, and WITHOUT any artificial preservatives, additives or colours. Perfect for dogs with limited diets.

Boost immunity, detoxify, exfoliate, promote healthy cell growth, improve circulation and aid chronic skin conditions with Soos™ Natural Mineral Mud Shampoo. As our product with the highest concentration of Dead Sea minerals and antioxidants, this shampoo will give you the highest degree of Dead Sea Benefits. Combine that with vitamins, essential oils and plants, herbs & roots, it’s no wonder why this is our best seller. It’s so good we use it on our own hair! 

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