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DIY tips: How to organize a dog spa session like a pro

You, as most pet parents, don’t always have the necessary time to set an appointment with your pet groomer. So, what then? How should you keep your dog in a tip-top shape? Organize a dog spa day at home like the pros do it. We have the perfect guide for you to follow, with all the tips and tricks you need. Enjoy!

Unless you’re looking for a professional cut, you can groom your dog at home, cut his nails or make his coat shine. It’s true – there are some secrets you need to know to do it right. But, don’t worry, it’s not that hard and you’ll manage it too. Just read on…

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Steps for a perfect dog spa day at home

The first time might be the hardest, but once your pet will figure it out, he will start to enjoy it more and more. Not only, that you’ll manage to avoid excessive shedding, but a dog spa day is an amazing bonding opportunity too. So, here’s how you can do it. 

  • Get the proper tools and products

First things first – get the grooming tools you need and make sure you purchase some professional pet care products. Hint – do your research and focus on all-natural pet spa products, you’ll need an organic shampoo, a hydrating conditioner and also a natural pet perfume .

  • Make your dog feel relaxed in the bathroom

What’s important – don’t force your dog into doing something he doesn’t like or understand. Have patience and make him get accustomed to new noises and activities – spend time with him in the bathroom, let him cool down in the bathtub or let him just hear the water pouring. Don’t rush or you might scare him for good.

  • Don’t forget the massage!

A relaxing massage is always welcomed. Rub his back and his tummy to release muscle tension. He will love it. Only gradually start using a cup to pour water over your canine friend. What’s essential – take baby steps and don’t rush!

Dog spa tips from the pros

If you’re looking to recreate that amazing look your pet has when leaving your groomer’s, then continue your routine with these tips. They will help you achieve success! Remember – grooming your pet should be a delight!dog spa

  • Get the treats within easy reach

Good behavior needs to be rewarded, so don’t forget about your pet’s favorite treats or about praising him. A good idea would be to try this dog spa session after your pet is tired, let’s say after a long walk.

  • Coat, eyes, ears, teeth and nails

Everything is important when it comes to grooming your pet friend. Take it step by step and set a routine. Find out more about how to do it in this Pet Spa Guide.

  • Avoid blow dryers

Why use blow dryers when you can just use a nice, soft towel. Some pets might get frightened by the sound and feeling of the hot air. So, it’s better to avoid it.

  • Stay relaxed, enjoy and praise him!

Your emotions influence your dog’s behavior. So, the more relaxed you are, the better your pet friend will behave. Enjoy this bonding experience, have patience and he will enjoy it too.

Why should you try it too?

There are many benefits when talking about a DIY dog spa day at home, but let’s review some of them.

Grooming your dog yourself means:

  • More time spent with your pet
  • Less stress for him
  • Less money and time spent (no appointments, no traffic)
  • You can use the products you want (preferably organic products)
  • You can groom your pet whenever you feel like doing it

All in all, organizing a relaxing pet spa day at home is something you definitely have to try from now and then. Spend quality time with your pet, use professional pet products and enjoy it!

All in all, you should try it too! It’s not that hard and it should be relaxing both for you and your pooch.

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