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Expert Tips to Treat Your Dog to a Day of Pampering

Your dog may love rolling around in the mud or making a bit of mischief, but that doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy some of the finer things in life too. Just like you, they’d find it hard to say—or rather, bark—no to a day of pampering. 

Treating your dog to a pampering session at home is a fantastic idea for a number of reasons. It can get them spick and span if they’re due for a good grooming session and also give them a well-deserved treat for all the joy they bring you. Once you’ve set a day aside to treat your dog to some TLC, be sure to keep these expert tips in mind.

Give Them a Good Wash

First things first, in order to give your dog a fantastic pampering session, you’ll need to give them a good wash. To be clear, this wash should go well beyond the usual spray down you give them with a hose! Remember, the whole point of a pampering session is to give your pooch a luxurious experience. 

The most important thing apart from giving them a thorough wash is to use the right products. Natural Dead Sea Classic Deep Cleansing Pet Shampoo is your best bet for a dog shampoo that won't strip away any natural oils and leave your dog’s skin and coat healthy. The pH-balanced shampoo is formulated with Dead Sea minerals as well as vitamins and essential oils to deeply cleanse and moisturize your dog’s skin and coat. 

You’ll love the natural ingredients this pet shampoo is packed with—and needless to say, your dog will too! And don’t forget to finish off the wash with a rich conditioner, such as Natural Dead Sea Ultra Crème Pet Conditioner. This thick, rich and creamy Dead Sea mineral formula locks in moisture and strengthens hair follicles from root to tip.

Trim Their Nails

Are you tired of expensive visits to the dog groomer to get your dog’s nails clipped? It’s high time you gave it a go yourself. “With the right tools and a bit of practice, you can easily trim your dog’s nails in the comfort of your own home,” says Angela Stringfellow from Pup Life Today


“Many dog owners feel they aren’t cut out to do it, so they’re often pleasantly surprised when they realize there’s really not so much to it!” Considering your dog will be particularly relaxed, your DIY pampering session is an opportune time to trim their nails if they’re in need of one. Before you begin, make sure to read up on how to trim dog nails and invest in a reputable pair of easy-to-use nail clippers for dogs.

Give Them a Proper Brush

Regularly brushing your dog is vital. Not only will doing so maintain the health of their coat and skin, but it’s also a chance to familiarize yourself with their body and spot anything amiss. Unfortunately, many dog owners either forget about doing so or don’t do a very thorough job of it. So how often should you brush them? The Animal Human Society recommends grooming your dog every couple of days.  


If you haven’t been brushing them regularly, your pampering session is as good a time as any to start. To give them a proper brush, you’ll need to use a well-designed brush that effortlessly glides through your dog’s hair and helps to make it shine. If the one you have is looking a little worse for wear, consider replacing it so you can give your pooch the grooming experience they deserve.

End With a Delicious Meal

Just because you’ve finished washing and grooming your dog, doesn’t mean the fun has to stop there. Once your dog is all dry, why not treat them to a delicious meal? After all, there are few greater temptations for a dog than a plate of mouth-watering food. There are so many options to choose from nowadays, including healthy food options for puppies, that it won’t be difficult to pamper your dog with an unforgettable meal. 

If they’ve already eaten, you may wish to treat them to a snack instead. Whether you want to give them their favorite treat or even try your hand at making a homemade treat, they’re sure to lap it all up!

Facts you didn’t know about natural pet spa products

Have you ever wondered what the real reason is for choosing natural pet spa products, both by professional groomers and experienced pet parents? Why do they always go for organic products and treats? Is there a real difference? Let’s discover some of the realities behind this debate.

organic pet spa products

In recent times, more and more people tend to go towards organic products. Going back to natural ingredients is more than a trend, it means avoiding artificial products that contain harsh and unhealthy substances. If your dog has skin irritations, dental issues or even dog dandruff, then this is a clear sign that the products/treats you provide are not as healthy as you might think. Here’s how we can summarize it all - ‘People who switch to natural pet spa products and organic goods report a boost in the overall health of their pets’. Let’s find out why…

Why should you choose natural pet spa products?

Let’s dig a little bit deeper and see some of the main reasons, both experienced groomers and informed owners choose organic pet products!

  • Proven results – Stop guessing and consider the numerous proven effects that natural products have on the overall health! For instance, Soos Dead Sea products have incredible ancient healing properties, having in their composition more than 26 essential minerals (12 of which do not exist in any other ocean in the world)
  • Hair, skin and others – Professional natural pet spa products have positive effects both on the coat and skin. In fact, if chosen right, they can all contribute to the overall health improvement of your pet.
  • No adverse reactions – Non-natural products are often the cause of unwanted allergies and adverse reactions. Avoid all this with organic pet spa products!
  • Fewer digestive disorders – Choose natural treats that help your pet have a healthy dental hygiene and that bring vitamins and essential minerals to his diet. Thus, avoid frequent disorders too.
  • Stronger immunity – The pet products you choose, have effects in the long run. That is to say, some top-quality organic treats or a natural Dead Sea shampoo can help your dog maintain a healthy immune system. Boosting his immunity will help prevent costly vet bills and prescriptions too.
  • Check the entire list of benefits here: The healing effects of the Dead Sea Salt on pets 

How to choose the best products for your pooch

Now that you know how beneficial natural pet products can be for your beloved pet friend, it’s time for you to know how to choose them too. Apparently, all natural products are the same, but in fact, they are not. Fortunately, as people tend to go all-natural, more and more products hit the market. But, this variety can also mean more products to choose from. So, how do you choose yours? The answer - Be aware of your pet’s unique needs. Thus, it will be easier for you to choose exactly what he needs.natural pet spa products

Keep in mind these tips, the next time you go shopping for your dog:

  • Choose products that contain natural and beneficial ingredients
  • Choose products that contain no chemicals and no additives
  • Avoid products with excessive nutrients
  • Make sure the products have no carcinogens


All in all, choosing the right products for your pet can make the difference. The harsh chemicals in most pet products can damage his skin and coat, while the additives in their food can affect his digestive system and more. Choose to keep your pet healthy and pick all-natural grooming products and treats! Make informed decisions!

Discover Soos™ Dead Sea Spa Products For Pets: Our products are made with all natural ingredients like essential oils, vitamins and a variety of different plant extracts. Each product is specially crafted to pamper your pet while treating their specific needs. We're cruelty, SLS and paraben free. 

Top myths and misconceptions about the perfect dog wash

As summer is here, it’s a great moment to refresh things up. And here, of course, we’re not only thinking about the usual summer cleaning session. Our furry friends also deserve a lot more attention, taking into account that we usually spend more time outdoors. So, what should you do to help your pet cope with higher temperatures easier? Taking into account the large number of myths closely linked to this topic, it’s easier to see why some of us may get mislead. Thus, let’s demystify some of the most popular myths regarding the perfect dog wash solution for this summer.

dog wash

Top myths about grooming your dog

Let’s see what’s reality and what’s not! Stay one step in front of misinformation!

Myth #1: All dogs hate bathing

Wrong! There are dogs who actually love grooming time. Why? They either like spending time with their owner, they enjoy the attention they get, they like being brushed or they love the massage that comes with the bath. Any way you take it, there’s at least something they enjoy, try to find what your dog loves and use it in your own favor. Thus he will enjoy the bathing time more and more.

Myth #2: Bathing your dog regularly damages his skin and coat

This is just one of those myths that never seem to disappear no matter how much accurate information there is. Bathing your dog regularly can moisturize his skin, prevent certain skin conditions and bring a series of health benefits, but ONLY IF you use the right organic dog grooming products! Top-quality products are specially created to meet their needs, as they are enriched with minerals and vitamins to help them stay healthy.

Myth #3: There’s no need for a dog shampoo

We cannot stress how wrong this really is! Human products do no good for your pets. This is why pet products have been created - to meet their special needs and requirements. A fact is certain – our skin is different compared to our pets’, and by washing your dog with a human shampoo you are basically damaging their natural barrier against infections.

The perfect dog wash session – More myths!

And the list can continue, as the myths seem to be diverse. Which one sounds familiar? Let’s name 3 more popular myths among pet parents all over the world.

Myth #4: All dog shampoos do the same thing

There’s no need to state that every dog shampoo is different. It depends on the substances used, the vitamins and what they are designed for (see the anti-itch shampoos, the deep cleansing shampoos and so on. Each one has a different purpose)… How should you choose your dog shampoo?

  • Focus on organic and all-natural dog wash products
  • Read the labels and try some non-toxic and no-preservatives products
  • Choose some that bring benefits to your dogs’ health

How can you know you made the right decision? The results will give you the answers you need!

Myth #5: A good dog wash = 30-minute bath

Brush, bathe and dry! There’s no exact science when grooming your pet. This should be relaxing and entertaining! Focus on making your pet happy while cleaning and revitalizing his coat and skin. It’s that easy…

Extra tips

dog wash winterMyth: You shouldn't groom your dog on rainy days

Some owners don’t wash their canine friends during rainy days or even worse, during the entire winter time because they fear they might get cold. Wrong! Just think about the heating system that’s active during these days in your home. It dries out the skin of your pet making it itchy. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t wash your dog on colder days. The only thing to be careful with is to make sure his coat is dried before going out. For extra protection, you can always buy him a sweater, if needed!  

Remember: with the right products you actually help his skin stay hydrated and help him get rid of dry and itchy skin conditions.


Choose specially-designed dog wash products and don’t put your dog in danger. Above all, avoid common blunders and make sure you know what’s fact and what’s myth!

How to choose the best pet shampoo

Choosing the right dog shampoo might seem easy at first sight... Most pet parents will choose a product randomly, after minutes of struggling to figure out some of the labels.

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Treating hot spots on dogs, what you should know!

There's no doubt that hot spots can cause serious health problems and they shouldn't be ignored! They are itchy and painful, so keep an eye on your pet for any possible symptoms. If you see one hot spot then it’s definitely time to take action, before it recurs. Let’s find out more about treating hot spots on dogs.

But what are hot spots? In short, they are skin irritation (Psst, your vet might call them ‘moist dermatitis’). Let’s find out the causes, discover how you can treat them and most importantly, how you can prevent them.

treating hot spots on dogs

Hot spots – Causes

Some of the most common causes are:

  • Possible allergies, like flea-bite allergy

The best way to prevent hot spots is to constantly check your pet. If you notice something red on his skin, then schedule a vet appointment as soon as possible.

  • Certain breeds are more exposed to hot spots

Treating hot spots on dogs can be challenging, especially if you have a breed that’s more exposed to this risk. Long hair gets tangled more easily, so make sure to groom your dog regularly. What breeds are more exposed? The German Shepherds, the Golden Retrievers and the gentle giants, as some call them, the Newfoundlands.

  • Check for parasites

Parasites are also a source for the apparition of hot spots. Use specially designed products to prevent this. What's more, if your dog loves to stay outdoors then he needs special care and attention. 

  • Skin infection, like fungal infection

Products can trigger allergic reactions that might help hot spots to develop. As a result, notice your dog’s behavior after bathing, or after eating new foods. He will surely give you the necessary hints to know that something is not right.

  • Poor grooming

We cannot stress enough the importance of grooming your pet regularly. Not only that you’ll develop a special bond but this activity can be extremely beneficial to spot problems when they are not that serious.

Treating hot spots on dogs – Top 3 solutions

  • Use an anti-itch shampoo
  • Use a funnel collar to prevent your dog from licking
  • Clip the hot spot area and keep it clean
  • Keep an eye on the hot spot to make sure it heals

Please note, that hot spots usually require a visit to the vet. If you don't see any improvements or worse, it spreads, then don't waste any more time. Set an appointment with the vet immediately! 

How to prevent it?

  • Check your dog’s skin regularly

hot spotsGroom your dog regularly and brush his coat often to prevent tangled fur. Remember, prevention is better than cure!

  • Use only organic pet products

Don’t let bacteria form in your dog’s coat. Wash regularly and if you notice your dog scratching or licking one area of his body repeatedly, then take action. The products you’re using are not suitable for your dog. Invest in all-natural pet grooming products!

  • Dry your dog’s coat thoroughly after swimming

Let’s get something clear, hot spots love moist, and constant itching can develop hot spots. Treating hot spots on dogs can be easy if you understand the factors that help them recur.

  • Keep his bedding area clean

His favorite sitting area can also help hot spots to form. So, the more you clean, the safer he will be. Wash his bed and blankets at a high temperature to make sure germs and bacteria are killed.

  • Don’t ignore cuts

Until they heal completely you need to keep any cuts under observation. With the right products (like an Organic Pet Rescue Cream), you can prevent further irritation. Ask your vet about this!

  • Keep his diet under control

Food allergies can also cause hot spots to form. So, make sure to choose what’s best for your dog and create a high-quality diet that will benefit the skin. Try some organic dog treats too!


Itchy skin can easily cause hot spots. How can you prevent your dog from developing hot spots? Use professional organic dog shampoos that moisturize the skin and help relieve itching. Treating hot spots on dogs shouldn't be tried without proper knowledge. But, with a little bit of help and with the right products you can treat your furry friend at home. If things don't seem to improve, then don't hesitate to call your vet!

The best shampoo for Pugs and how to groom them at home

If you’re the happy owner of a Pug and you’re looking for products to keep him healthy, there are indeed some things you need to be aware of. Their skin is sensitive so you must take a peek at some professional grooming products to use. But, how do you know what to choose? We have the perfect guide for you, with tips on how to groom your four-legged friend at home. And this is not all - most importantly find out what’s the best shampoo for Pugs.

Best Shampoos For Pugs | 100% Organic | No tears | Instant Results

As any other decision you take for your pet, this one too requires a little bit of research. To make things easier for you, we have gathered the exact info you are looking for.

best pug shampoo for pugs

How to choose the best shampoo for Pugs

As some say, pugs require low-maintenance, however, don’t get things wrong! They need grooming sessions regularly. As grooming is also a great opportunity to bond with your furry friend, you can try it at home too.

Hint: We all know that Pugs shed a lot, especially in spring and autumn. The best way to keep this under control is to brush their coat regularly!

Things to consider when choosing the best shampoo for Pugs

  • Go for organic pet shampoos with all-natural ingredients
  • Choose professional products that moisturize the skin
  • The best shampoo for Pugs should be enriched with natural antioxidants & natural antibacterial agents

    Top 3 tips to have a healthy Pug

    1. Brush your Pug regularly to help spread the natural oils on your dog’s coat and to control shedding
    2. Bathe your Pug regularly to remove dead skin cells and stop excess sebum production
    3. Groom your dog regularly to keep him healthy and in the best shape. Spot health issues earlier too!

    Best Shampoos For Pugs | 100% Organic | No tears | Instant Results

    Do Pugs need special care?

    As said earlier, this breed requires low-maintenance; however, there are some things that need your attention.

    • Your Pug’s wrinkles - Maintain the folds of the skin clean and dry to avoid unwanted infections
    • Excessive shedding - Control the excessive shedding by brushing the coat frequently
    • Your Pug’s nails – Another important aspect you should not ignore is your dog’s nails. They need to be trimmed frequently as they tend to grow fast!
    • Your Pug’s ears and teeth – When grooming your Pug, don’t forget about his ears and teeth too. Check for any infections or teeth problems. If you notice something wrong, schedule an appointment with your vet.
    • Your Pug’s eyes – Due to the shape of his head, your Pug’s eyes can face a series of health issues. Therefore, with a baby wipe or canine eye wipes, gently and carefully clean the area. Make sure not to get any solution into his eyes.

    pug shampoo

    A Pug will make your life happier!

    Knowing how to choose the best shampoo for Pugs can really make a difference. As much as your beloved Pug hates bathing time, it is essential for his health. Thus, you can avoid itchy skin, hot spots or shedding. Choose all-natural grooming products and keep your dog away from serious health issues.

    Soos™ Dead Sea Spa Products for Pets offers a huge variety of pet grooming products meant to help and improve your pet’s overall health. Our products contain ingredients sourced from the Dead Sea, including 12 essential vitamins and minerals found nowhere else. Discover our products!

    Grooming your horse with organic horse products!

    Owning a horse implies a lot of responsibilities and requires a lot of your time and attention. Grooming should be done regularly for various reasons. Think about it - it's a great opportunity to bond with your horse, spend time with him, check his body for any injuries and of course, maintain him healthy. Obviously, the products you use are vital! So, let’s find out the benefits of using organic horse products and discover some essential tips on how to care for your horse properly!

    horse grooming products

    Grooming your horse – Essential tips

    • Massage their skin with a brush

    One of the first things you could do to make your horse relax and therefore get to trust you is to brush his coat. Not only will you get to spend more time with him, but you’ll also get the chance to spot unwanted cuts, injuries or skin infections before they convert into serious problems.

    • Groom them before and after the ride

    If you’re new to having a horse, then you should understand from the early beginning the basics of caring for your horse. Why groom him before the ride? Because you need to make sure your horse is in the right shape to exercise. Moreover, you need to check his body where the saddle and the harness will be positioned. Why after the ride? To clean his coat from sweat or any debris. Remember – your horse’s coat says a lot about his overall health!

    • Use professional organic horse products

    Grooming your horse should be part of a routine that you should both enjoy. What’s more, if you have a young horse, then grooming can also help him learn how to stand still. By using organic horse products you actually help his hair get thicker and his skin healthier. The right way to do it? Shampoo his coat in gentle circles.

    • Invest in good-quality brushes

    The brushes and the sponge you use during the grooming sessions are important. You need to keep them clean and hygienic. Remember – take care of the tools you use and they will last longer. 

    Top horse care essentials!

    If this is your first time, then check out these essential tips! If you’re already an expert, then read on because we’re going to unveil some secrets too.

    organic horse products

    • Get your tools and all-natural horse products within easy reach
    • Be careful with the water pressure, not to scare your horse
    • Don’t ignore any part of the body
    • Wash from front to back
    • Test the temperature of the water beforehand
    • Use different size sponges (one for every part of the body)
    • Invest in professional organic horse products that help your horse stay healthy

    Why organic horse products?

    After all, why should you invest in organic horse products? How can they help your horse? Well, the first thing that should ring a bell is that organic horse products clean the skin and the coat without removing natural oils. Let’s take for instance, Soos™ Dead Sea horse grooming products. They are made with Dead Sea minerals, vitamins, essential oils and plant extracts. Choose from a variety of products the one that your horse needs!

    Discover our Organic Horse Products here! 

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