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Pet spa grooming: Facts vs Myths

In some cases, there’s just a thin line between fact and myth. As a result, it’s understandable why so many of us get to believe some of the most popular pet spa grooming myths out there. In order to avoid these common blunders, make sure you know what’s fiction and what’s truth.  

pet spa grooming

Pet spa grooming myths: Cats

  • All cats are afraid of water

This is not true. There are cats who love bathing and even enjoy it. It depends on how you handle them and of course, on their history with water. Otherwise said, if their past association with water was a positive or a negative one. Anyway you take it, there’s a solution to every problem out there. If you don’t seem to manage it, then ask a professional groomer, they will know what to do.

  • Cats don’t need to be groomed

It’s true that we often see our cats grooming themselves, but this does not mean that they don’t need additional help. On the contrary, we need to bathe, brush and dry their coat. Otherwise, they may get dirty and even catch a disease.

  • Short-haired cats need no baths

It doesn’t matter what type of coat your cat has, every pet deserves a bath from now and then if you want to keep them healthy. Short-haired cats shed too! So, with regular baths, you can control this. Use an organic cat shampoo with decreasing properties and thus take care of her skin too.

  • You don’t need to trim your cat’s coat

If you don’t want to experience shedding then trim your cat’s coat. Get her to your favorite groomer or take time and do it yourself. It will be fun, just try it!

  • Once a cat hates water, you cannot change her mind

Well, it depends. With the right knowledge and the proper handling, even a cat who is scared of water can be trained. If you cannot handle it, get a professional to assist you!

pet spa grooming

Pet spa grooming myths: Dogs

  • There are dogs who don’t shed

Every dog sheds, irrespective of their breed. It’s true, there are breeds that shed more than others. So, don’t ignore the importance of grooming your dog regularly and keep this aspect under control.

  • Every dog shampoo has the same results

Shampoos come in different shapes and sizes, even for pets. We have anti-itch shampoos, hypoallergenic shampoos, deep hydrating shampoos and so on. So, besides the basic result – cleaning, every shampoo is different. So make sure, you have the right one for your dog’s needs.

  • Dogs shouldn’t be groomed during winter

Wrong! I might sound like a broken record – but keeping a balance is the key to the well-being of your pet. Think how dry the skin of your dog will be after 6 winter months without bathing, how dirty his coat or paws will be and so on. This can actually cause serious diseases! 

  • Outdoor dogs don’t need to be groomed

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Every dog needs grooming and bathing. If not, this will help dirt and bacteria to form. Choose to stay informed and your dog will stay healthy.

  • It’s normal for your dog to have dry skin after bathing

No! This is not normal. If you noticed your dog scratching intensively after having a bath this is because you’re using the wrong shampoo. So, change it, and soon! It’s not what your dog needs. Ask your vet or a groomer and they will guide you to use the right products. If you want to read more, here's another article about 'How to choose the right pet shampoo'

Final words

Separate fact from fiction when it comes to your pet spa grooming sessions. This way, your pets will stay healthy and you will make better-informed decisions. Consider these tips the next time you groom your pet. Good luck!  

7 natural wellness care tips for your dog

Nowadays, there is nothing difficult about finding natural wellness treatments that promise to improve our lifestyle. But don't forget about your pet either... Today, we’ll be uncovering some of the basic and easiest things you could do to lengthen your dog’s life. Try these tips and let your dog enjoy some of these remedies for many of his own ailments. 

natural wellness care

Hint: You and your dog can share similar problems, like daily stress, dandruff problems or even skin issues. Remember - Prevention is better than cure. So, take a look at some of the things you could do to make his life better!

‘It’s a dog’s life’, enough with this nonsense! Your dog can have a good life if you pay attention to his needs. Let’s learn how you can reward his loyalty and love, by making some wise and healthy lifestyle choices for him.

Top natural wellness tips to try! 

  • De-stress with baths or massages

Our pets have their own stressful moments to deal with. Either that we’re talking about hectic days, meeting new people, traveling to new places, they all add up and might stress your pooch. So, when this happens, try to figure out their favorite activity. If bathing is one of them, you’re a lucky owner! Use a natural grooming shampoo, spend some quality time together and get your pet in a tip-top shape in no time.

  • Take care of minor ailments with natural products

The diverse range of natural wellness pet products available can actually provide you a great solution without necessarily visiting your vet. Research the topic and review some of the most popular products out there. As always, we have some pet product recommendations to try. Depending on their problems, try any of these natural kits and bundles. You'll surely find something interesting here!

But if things are serious, don’t waste time and get your dog to a specialist as soon as possible.

  • Choose an organic dog food diet

Your dog’s health should always come in first place. Try to keep it healthy and build up a diet that satisfies his needs but also contributes to his overall health condition. And remember – a happy dog is a healthy dog too!

natural wellness

  • Choose high-quality treats

Don’t ignore the dog treats either, as they are also part of your dog’s diet. Choose high-quality organic dog treats that are made of healthy ingredients, minerals and vitamins. No additives, no preservatives, all-natural dog treats should be on your list.

Is your dog happy?

How would you rate your dog’s happiness on a scale of 1-5? If your answer is lower than 5, this means you still have some things to try! Here’s some food for thought!

  • Check your dog regularly

As part of your natural wellness routine, you need to make sure your dog is in good shape and that he has no health issues. So, apart from your regular vet visits, you could also take some time and check his paws, skin, coat, mouth, ears and eyes. Thus, you’ll both get him accustomed to being checked and you can also spot trouble before it converts into serious headaches.

  • Stay informed

The more you stay informed with what’s best and recommended for your dog in terms of breed, food or grooming, the more chances you know how to take care of him properly. Subscribe to your favorite pet blog newsletter and read the latest novelties in the industry!

  • Keep your pet in good physical shape

Exercise is key, even for your pooch! Take regular walks and exercise him at least 30 minutes a day. Thus, he’ll stay both happy and healthy.

They ask for so little, but deserve so much!

Follow these 7 natural wellness care tips and your dog will surely be a lot happier. Choose what’s best for their health and thus lengthen their life and your happiness at the same time!

Pet Wash hacks and the best DIY tips ever!

Bathing your pets should be a pleasant and bonding experience, but in reality, things may be different. We all see on TV pups who love to cool down in the bath tub or relaxed cats who enjoy bubble baths, but what can you do if your pooch has a strong personality and hates being in the water? Here are some pet wash hacks you could try to make him change his mind.

pet wash products

How often you should wash your dog depends on many factors, including the breed, the type of coat and whether he stays most of his time indoors or outdoors. But keep in mind - regular bathing helps maintain a neat appearance and also helps him stay healthy too. The hygiene is important, even though your dog doesn’t mind being muddy or stinky.  

Here are the perfect steps that can lead you to a successful pet wash session!

3 Mistakes to avoid during your next pet wash

For most people, bathing is a relaxing activity. But, things may seem a lot different when it comes to your pets. Why? Well, the reasons can be diverse: the noise, the water or the scrubbing may all lead to a story your pet doesn’t want to be part of. How to make your dog love it? Start by avoiding these pet wash mistakes!

  • Not testing the water

Do you know what a bad start means? Exactly! Not adjusting the water temperature. Either too cold or too hot, the water will scare off your pet. And guess what? After this, there are little chances of getting your dog back to a relaxing mood. Once you ruined it, you can only postpone it for the next day.

  • Not setting the right water pressure

One of the most comfortable and efficient ways of giving a good pet wash to your pooch is by using a held shower. The most common mistake is to use the same pressure you are accustomed to. Wrong! You should set a low pressure and please don’t point it straight to the fur because you might scare your little friend. Instead, use your hand to make him relax.    

  • Not choosing the right shampoo

As easy as it might sound, at first sight, choosing a pet shampoo that is suitable for your cat or dog can be tricky. Every pet has different needs, not to mention that using your own shampoo should never cross your mind (this will only dry their skin). So, the best advice - choose a professional shampoo with organic properties.

pet wash

A perfect pet wash scenario…

The first baths will usually be more difficult no matter what pet you have, so get accustomed to this idea. But once, you manage to set a relaxing tone, you and your canine friend can get to enjoy a bubbly experience. Need more pet wash tips? Just take a look:

  • Stay calm no matter what happens
  • Use rewards for a positive association
  • Repeat, reward, repeat!
  • Mind the ears and the eyes
  • Don’t get upset because of the ‘big shake’
  • Take your time
  • What’s important: Bathe regularly!

Long story short...

Keep in mind, patience is key when it comes to introducing new things to your dog. Wait, try and repeat until they finally accept it. New things can easily scare them! Unfortunately, if you start off on the wrong foot, then you will have a lot of trouble changing their mind about it.

So, take your time and do repetitive moves with your dog, until he gets accustomed to spending time, firstly in the bathroom, then in the bathtub and then in the water. You’ll manage to do it eventually, so don't lose hope!

All in all, try some of these tips and you’ll surely be one step closer to enjoying a chilling pet wash. Have his favorite rewards within easy reach, praise every good behavior and use professional pet care products. Good luck! 

Shopping from an online dog shop or not?

Nowadays, there is nothing out of the ordinary to do our daily shopping online. It’s faster and easier, and sometimes cheaper too. But what about purchasing pet products for our little furry friends from an online dog shop? Should we keep the same habits? Let’s uncover some of the advantages you’ll get by planning your list online and adding items to cart from your favorite dog shop. 

organic dog shop

From food to toys, and from grooming products to pet treats, we can find them all online. Otherwise said, there’s no hustle and bustle when searching for things online, especially with today’s busy schedule. But, are there any serious advantages? Should you do your shopping for your pet from an online dog shop? Let’s see…  

Benefits of online shopping from a dog shop

Either that you have a dog, a cat, a horse or any other pet, you’ll most likely find an online pet shop that can provide all the supplies you need. But, let’s see why traditional shopping seems to lose more and more terrain in front of online shopping, at least in what concerns pet products. Here are some of the reasons people prefer to purchase online:

  • A great variety of products

The idea of choosing from a wide range of products can make happy any pet lover out there. You can choose, see the benefits and compare prices at the same time. What else can you say, if you’re from a rural area with little access to local pet shops? 

  • Many sources of information

Knowledge is power! So, make sure you take advantage of this opportunity and research the products you want to purchase. Go for the organic products that contribute to the overall health of your pets.

  • The ability to compare products

Online shopping brings another huge advantage, you have the ability to compare prices, features and benefits of products from different brands and stores with more ease. Choose what’s right for your pet, find a dog shop that meets your requirements. 

Shopping online for your pet...

  • Let’s not forget about comfort

What else can you wish for when you are just a click away from getting the supplies your dog needs. Search, compare and purchase. It’s that easy!

  • Time has become an issue

Why waste your time shopping, when you don’t even enjoy doing it or you just want to spend some quality time with your family instead? Choose an online dog shop and you’ll finish shopping a lot quicker!

dog shop

  • Promotions and discounts

With a newsletter subscription or by just staying connected through social media with your favorite dog shop, chances are you’ll get informed more easily about their promotions and discounts. Who wouldn’t want to save some money from now and then?

Dog shop essential checklist – What to add to your shopping list?

Spring is a great season to renew, update or refresh your dog’s lifestyle and comfort area. Either that you want to add more vitamins to his diet, change his used toys, get a better organic dog shampoo or buy another dog bed, check out some useful ideas. Here are some useful dog gift ideas:

  • Get a new collar, leash or harness
  • Research some new organic grooming products
  • Diversify his diet with organic treats
  • Surprise him with a new toy
  • Think about food supplies or getting a pet insurance

Keep your dog happy, healthy and energized

All things considered, there are many advantages that are closely linked to purchasing your dog supplies from an online dog shop. You can find not only product variety, but you can also get the info you need a lot easier. Just try it! It’s fast, easy and secure!

Why should you choose an organic dog shampoo?

Did you know that your dog’s largest organ is his skin? And what’s more – it is considered to be thinner than ours. So, what measures can you take to protect it? Is there a safe way? Of course, there are some things you, as a pet parent, can do to protect it against diseases, damages and injuries! With an efficient organic dog shampoo, things will become easier! So, let’s see some of the reasons you should invest in natural pet products and not use poor quality dog shampoos or even worse your own. Stay informed and keep your pet healthy

organic dog shampoo

Word to the wise – A natural shampoo brings benefits to the skin and coat of your pet, making it thicker, shinier and healthier. Whereas a normal shampoo may contain chemicals you cannot control, that in the end may result in dry or itchy skin that lacks moisture and elasticity.

Here’s why you should carefully choose your pet’s organic dog shampoo!

Benefits of a good organic dog shampoo

Have you ever seen your dog scratching after a bath? Then, this is the first sign of alarm – you’re using the wrong shampoo! Hint: when washing your dog, you’re not only looking to clean his coat, but also his skin. And if the shampoo you use is mediocre, then the skin will dry causing numerous diseases and side effects. So, choose wisely! Here are some of the benefits you’ll easily see after using a top-of-the-line organic dog shampoo.

  • Maintain a proper pH balance

If you’re looking to have your four-legged buddy relaxed when the bathing time comes, then you should consider using certified organic products. He will not suffer from side-effects, his immune system will boost, while his muscles will relax. Choose what’s best for him!

  • Protect the skin

A good organic shampoo will help create a protective barrier against harmful or harsh elements. Moreover, the natural oils that the skin normally produces will be preserved and not washed away by improper products.

  • Avoid shedding

Using the wrong pet products can also have serious long-term effects on the overall health condition of your furry friend. The coat will become less resistant, while the skin will become dry. Don’t put your pet friend at risk and choose good quality products. Read the labels of the products you choose and make sure they are all-natural, with no preservatives and hormone-free!

Why is an organic dog shampoo better than an ordinary one?

Do you consider your dog a family member? Then, make sure you choose the right care products to keep his skin and coat in a tip-top shape! Here’s how you can know if you have the right products! A natural dog shampoo will help...

organic dog shampoo

  • Keep your dog away from allergies and others

Professional and organic pet shampoos also have healing properties, helping minor wounds or cuts to heal faster. And this is not all, washing his hair with non-toxic, hormone-free shampoos will also avoid skin allergies, scratching sores or bacterial infections.

  • After all, you can save money

You might believe that some organic pet products are costly. But not if you’re considering possible vet bills and the medication you’ll be needing if your pet gets sick because of the cheap shampoos you’ve been using. Poor quality products can have dire consequences on your beloved pet. Stay away from trouble and invest in efficient pet care products.

  • In short,  your dog can have a shiny coat and a healthy skin!

One of the first things you can notice in a healthy dog is his glossy coat and skin. Make your dog love bathing time with relaxing products that bring important health benefits. Choose to be an informed pet parent. Knowledge is power, even when it comes to your pet!

Choose what’s best for your pet!

All in all, a good-quality natural dog shampoo will help you keep your pet away from a series of health issues. Research before choosing your pet products, and thus take all measures to keep your dog happy and healthy!

The best reasons to adopt rescue puppies

Are you thinking about bringing home a new furry friend? Do you want a pet you could pamper? Then you should firstly consider local animal shelters! Why? Here’s some food for thought! Let’s name just some of the reasons why rescue puppies should be your top priority!

rescue puppies

We all know that animal shelters are crowded with loving pets who just want a place to call home. Give the second chance at happiness to a pet who really needs it. By adopting rescue puppies, your life will change, and as some say – they will teach you some valuable life lessons, you cannot experience with a dog you buy from a puppy store. Enjoy!

Why should you adopt rescue puppies?

There’s no way that a visit to the animal shelter won’t make you fall in love with some rescue puppies in need. But if you’re still looking for some strong reasons to get out of the house and visit an animal shelter, then here are top reasons not to waste time anymore and save a life!

  • Yes, you’re actually saving a life!

By adopting a pet from an animal shelter, you basically give them a new lease of life. You enrich your own life, but also save at least one from an unknown destiny. The reasons why pets get to an animal shelter are diverse: they got lost, abandoned or they were simply not wanted anymore. Choose to do a good deed and adopt your own furry friend!

  • Save money

Not only that you save a life, but you can also save money. Adopting a pet is usually inexpensive! Just ask your local pet adoption center and go meet your next loyal companion.  

  • Get what you’re looking for: a true friend!

Pets come in all shapes and sizes. So, either that you’re looking for some rescue puppies or an adult dog, you’ll most likely find your best match in an animal shelter. What’s more, you can choose from a variety of dogs the one that suits your lifestyle taking into account the breed, the age or whether you want a female or a male. Just try it!

Why rescue puppies?

Here are another 3 popular reasons why people choose to adopt rather than buy from a puppy store.

  • Man's best friend

You should know from the early beginning that every dog has to pass a series of tests before being put up for adoption. And here we’re talking about both medical, temperament and behavior testing. In addition, if we’re talking about an adult dog, chances are he already knows some basic dog training commands. So, hurray!rescue puppies canada

  • Get unconditional love

If you choose to take home an abandoned dog or a dog that had a difficult life, then you can be positive than once he trusts you, he will provide unconditional love, loyalty and attachment. Choose to make his life better, and he will be there for you years to come.

  • Get a great companion

In the end, by choosing a dog from an animal shelter, you have the chance to take home a friend that can suit your lifestyle too, including a jogging partner or just a good listener. Choose an energetic dog that needs a lot of daily activity if you like to exercise or a fluffy puppy if you have small kids. It's your choice!

Experience the joy of pet adoption

The reasons you should choose rescue puppies or any other shelter pets are endless. The ones mentioned above should set the background for a new adventure. However, you will certainly discover more by visiting your local animal shelter. So, what are you waiting for? Go meet a loyal buddy, that will enrich your life!

Picking the perfect dog from a puppy store

Do you want to purchase a new puppy? What are the key aspects to focus on? There are indeed some little things that can make the difference between choosing a puppy that can work for your family and lifestyle, and choosing one you simply cannot handle. Here are some things you should know when visiting a puppy store.

Bare in mind, that we strongly recommend focusing your attention more on local shelters. You'll certainly find a furry friend that could match your lifestyle. This way, you'll both find what you're looking for and in addition, you'll also save a life too. Anyway you take it, today's tips can serve you in both situations. Stay tuned for new articles about adopting pets from animal shelters. 

puppy store

Looking at fluffy little pups and not wanting to get one for yourself doesn’t really happen. So, the next time you take a walk to the nearby puppy store arm yourself with a lot of patience. Choosing the right dog can be tricky if you’re not prepared with the right info. Here are some key things you should know!

How to choose your next puppy

Have you fallen in love with some heart-melting puppy eyes from that puppy store window? Then, make sure you take some precautionary measures so that this love at first sight, doesn’t convert into a high number of expensive vet visits. Here are some top tips to follow!

  • Ask for the history of the puppy

To put things straight – you need to find out more about the puppy’s background. That is to say – get info about any medical history or more about his pedigree. Remember, the more you know, the better your chances to choose what’s right for you.

  • Do some tests

Another common thing for pet owners in seek of a new pooch is to see whether or not they have a connection with the puppy. Snap your fingers or clap your hands. See if the puppy comes to you. If he does, then you can congratulate him as he passed his first test with flying colors. If he stops on his way to you then this dog can have a strong personality when becoming an adult. He might be what we call an independent dog (you might have trouble training him). If he doesn’t come at all, then the puppy may be shy or may simply not be what you’re looking for.

  • Check the puppy’s health

If you've never had a dog, then don’t panic. Here are some simple but effective things that might give you some hints. Check the puppy’s eyes, skin, coat, paws and teeth. The puppy should be energetic and playful. If everything seems OK, there’s one last thing - don’t forget to ask for a guarantee from the pet store.

Questions to ask yourself

Purchasing a puppy comes with responsibilities too. Before deciding upon your next companion, ask yourself these questions:

  • Will you have time to exercise him on a daily basis?
  • Do you have enough space for a puppy?
  • Do you want a female or a male?
  • Do you have other pets?
  • Can you afford vet visits, special food or organic treats, pet products and more?
  • In the end, will you both be happy?natural puppy store

Caring for your puppy

Don’t get overwhelmed by the excitement from a puppy store!

All in all, don’t just go with the flow and think seriously before purchasing a pup. This dog will be with you for years to come and you need to be ready to invest both time, money and patience. Choosing a dog from a puppy store comes both with risks and advantages too. So, choose cautiously!

Puppy store or Animal Shelter?

Without a doubt, animal shelters should be your top priority! We'll be uncovering the reasons together with the benefits in our next articles. Subscribe to our newsletter and check this blog regularly for further updates! It will be worthwhile, we promise!

Hint: After bringing your new puppy at home, focus on puppy products specially created to meet their age and health requirements. We recommend this Natural Dead Sea Tearless Puppy & Kitten Pet Shampoo or the Soos™ Dead Sea Pet Grooming Shampoo Bundle For Dogs