Why sell SOOS?

Natural Ingredient Formulas. Our products are 96% natural at minimum. Quality plant-based ingredient formulas treat the specific needs of every pet, making every pet owner happy.

Clout, Competitive Advantage & A Clear Point of Difference. Consumers use Dead Sea products on themselves because of the Dead Sea's reputation for health and healing. Soos™ is North America's first and only line of Dead Sea Spa Products for Pets.

Every Customer is a Return Customer. Once they try it, there's no going back. You'll hear about it too. They'll come back just to tell you how well it worked.

Excellent Reviews. Keep your customer at ease. There's minimal risk involved in trying Soos™ because we have a track record of customer satisfaction and success. People don't just like us, they love us.

Vet Tested, Big Box Store Approved. Customers and retailers can feel confident because all of products have gone through vigorous testing and have been approved as safe and great for use on pets.

Minimize Risk, Maximize Smiles. We pride ourselves on customer service and guarantee customer satisfaction.

Soos™ offers RETAIL and WHOLESALE partnerships globally. To become an authorized Soos™ dealer, please contact us for more information.