Product FAQ page

In addition to the renowned benefits of Dead Sea minerals, our Soos Pets products incorporate a variety of other natural ingredients, each chosen for their specific therapeutic properties. These carefully selected components work synergistically to enhance the overall efficacy of our products, ensuring that your pet receives the best natural care for their individual needs.

    Product Name Main Ingredient Formula Properties of Ingredients
    Extra Strength Shampoo Citrus, Thyme + Tea Tree Oil Antiseptic, purifying, and revitalizing; promotes healthy skin and coat.
    Classic Shampoo Honey + Coconut Oil Moisturizing, antibacterial, and nourishing; adds shine and softness.
    Hypoallergenic Shampoo Thyme + Oat Extract + Nettle Soothing, anti-inflammatory, and hypoallergenic; ideal for sensitive skin.
    Anti-Itch Shampoo Tea Tree Oil, Chamomile + Green Tea Soothing, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory; relieves itching and calms skin.
    Two-In-One Shampoo and Conditioner Vitamin E + Coconut Oil + Chamomile Conditioning, soothing, and moisturizing; supports coat health and skin comfort.
    Ultra Crème Conditioner Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Vitamin E + Beeswax Deeply moisturizing, protective, and restorative; seals in hydration and enriches fur texture.
    Hypoallergenic Waterless Bath Mousse Soapwort + Chamomile + Sweet Marjoram Cleansing, calming, and soothing; easy grooming without water for sensitive pets.
    Revitalizing Leave-In Conditioner Secret Formula + High concentration of Dead Sea derivatives Nourishing, hydrating, and revitalizing; enhances vitality with Dead Sea nutrients.
    Mineral Enriched Rescue Cream Sea Buckthorn, Oregano Oil + Beeswax Healing, antimicrobial, and protective; promotes recovery and skin resilience.
    Pet Perfume Gardenia Florida Extract + Aloe Vera Fragrant, soothing, and hydrating; leaves pets smelling fresh and feeling comfortable.
    Mineral Rich Mud Shampoo Dead Sea Mud, + Burdock + Tea Tree Oil Detoxifying, purifying, and conditioning; uses natural elements for deep cleaning.
    Tearless Puppy and Kitten Shampoo Oats, Honey, Pumpkin Seed Oil + Celery Extract Gentle, nourishing, and moisturizing; safe and soothing for young pets.
    Home Hydrotherapy Salt Soak Dead Sea Salt, Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood + Menthol Oil Therapeutic, relaxing, and invigorating; recreates a spa experience at home.
    Deep Hydration Leave-In Conditioner Caster Oil, Olive Oil, Grape Seed Extract + Beeswax Intensely moisturizing, smoothing, and protective; for a sleek, tangle-free coat.