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Dirty dogs grooming – How to care for your outdoor dog!

Summer is near and this means higher temperatures and exhausting heat waves. Have you ever wondered how your dog copes with this season's conditions? What about your outdoor dogs? Due to all sorts of reasons, there are owners who prefer to leave their dogs in the backyard for most of their time. If you’re one of them, then you have to consider some ways to protect your pet and keep him safe and healthy. Outdoor dogs tend to get muddy and therefore messy easier. So, check out our dirty dogs grooming ideas for this summer!

dirty dogs grooming tips

How to help your dog enjoy the summertime

Summer can be a fun season, but also a dangerous one for outdoor dogs. However, if you take some precautionary measures, everything will be just fine.

  • Consider a wading pool

Depending on the area you live in, a pool, even a wading pool might be necessary if your dog loves to be outside. This is a fantastic way for them to cool down and enjoy the summer sun!

  • Exercise only in the morning or in the evening

Avoid midday walks as the hot weather can cause all sorts of season-specific problems. If possible, try to search for parks where your dog can walk on grass and avoid asphalt areas. The heat can actually burn their paws easily.  

Not all breeds should be left outside

Make sure your dog can stay outdoors for more than a couple of hours. There are breeds that need special attention. Ask your vet about this!

  • Offer plenty of shade

Even though there are many debates on the importance of a dog house during the summertime, the shade from a tree can be a better option. Why? It provides not only shade but it also leaves the air to flow through. So, if your backyard has trees, your pup will surely appreciate.

  • Don’t forget about providing fresh water

Dehydration is a real danger during warmer seasons. So, don’t forget to always check if your canine friend has fresh water. Try some ice cubes, they will love them! Hint: Dehydration in dogs is similar to what humans experience, so don’t neglect it.

Dirty dogs grooming tips for the summer

Check out these dirty dogs grooming ideas to put into practice this summer. This will help you have a clean pooch, even if he likes cooling down in the mud.

How to get your dog ready for the summer

dirty dogsScheduling an appointment with the local vet is a must, especially with these changing temperatures. Check his vaccines and make sure your pet is ready for the summertime. Professional advice can always come in handy.

  • Keep your pooch properly groomed

Both long-haired and short-haired dogs need a thorough grooming routine during the summer time. Higher temperatures can make them feel uncomfortable. Use a deshedding shampoo and brush their coat frequently to remove loose hair. Help your pet have a smooth transition!    

  • Adapt their diet and include organic treats

You won’t believe how important diet and treats can be for your dog too. Thus, it’s utterly important to invest only in all-natural products that bring real benefits to his diet.

  • Invest in a pet care kit for outdoor dogs

Keeping your furry friend safe also means being prepared for unfortunate events. As summer is a great season for outdoor activities, accidents can happen too. So, a smart tip would be to have an organic pet care kit with you, that might include a dog rescue cream. You never know, when you might need them!

  • In the end, just let your dog be happy

In short, let your dog enjoy summertime. Never leave your dog in the car and avoid exercising in the middle of the day. Everything else should be allowed: digging, chilling in the pool or even napping in the shade.  


Take into account some of the dirty dogs grooming tips and your pooch will stay healthy and safe this summer. Balance is key, so don’t exaggerate with the time spent outdoors and make sure he has everything he needs to enjoy summer just as you!

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