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Facts you didn’t know about natural pet spa products

Have you ever wondered what the real reason is for choosing natural pet spa products, both by professional groomers and experienced pet parents? Why do they always go for organic products and treats? Is there a real difference? Let’s discover some of the realities behind this debate.

organic pet spa products

In recent times, more and more people tend to go towards organic products. Going back to natural ingredients is more than a trend, it means avoiding artificial products that contain harsh and unhealthy substances. If your dog has skin irritations, dental issues or even dog dandruff, then this is a clear sign that the products/treats you provide are not as healthy as you might think. Here’s how we can summarize it all - ‘People who switch to natural pet spa products and organic goods report a boost in the overall health of their pets’. Let’s find out why…

Why should you choose natural pet spa products?

Let’s dig a little bit deeper and see some of the main reasons, both experienced groomers and informed owners choose organic pet products!

  • Proven results – Stop guessing and consider the numerous proven effects that natural products have on the overall health! For instance, Soos Dead Sea products have incredible ancient healing properties, having in their composition more than 26 essential minerals (12 of which do not exist in any other ocean in the world)
  • Hair, skin and others – Professional natural pet spa products have positive effects both on the coat and skin. In fact, if chosen right, they can all contribute to the overall health improvement of your pet.
  • No adverse reactions – Non-natural products are often the cause of unwanted allergies and adverse reactions. Avoid all this with organic pet spa products!
  • Fewer digestive disorders – Choose natural treats that help your pet have a healthy dental hygiene and that bring vitamins and essential minerals to his diet. Thus, avoid frequent disorders too.
  • Stronger immunity – The pet products you choose, have effects in the long run. That is to say, some top-quality organic treats or a natural Dead Sea shampoo can help your dog maintain a healthy immune system. Boosting his immunity will help prevent costly vet bills and prescriptions too.
  • Check the entire list of benefits here: The healing effects of the Dead Sea Salt on pets 

How to choose the best products for your pooch

Now that you know how beneficial natural pet products can be for your beloved pet friend, it’s time for you to know how to choose them too. Apparently, all natural products are the same, but in fact, they are not. Fortunately, as people tend to go all-natural, more and more products hit the market. But, this variety can also mean more products to choose from. So, how do you choose yours? The answer - Be aware of your pet’s unique needs. Thus, it will be easier for you to choose exactly what he needs.natural pet spa products

Keep in mind these tips, the next time you go shopping for your dog:

  • Choose products that contain natural and beneficial ingredients
  • Choose products that contain no chemicals and no additives
  • Avoid products with excessive nutrients
  • Make sure the products have no carcinogens


All in all, choosing the right products for your pet can make the difference. The harsh chemicals in most pet products can damage his skin and coat, while the additives in their food can affect his digestive system and more. Choose to keep your pet healthy and pick all-natural grooming products and treats! Make informed decisions!

Discover Soos™ Dead Sea Spa Products For Pets: Our products are made with all natural ingredients like essential oils, vitamins and a variety of different plant extracts. Each product is specially crafted to pamper your pet while treating their specific needs. We're cruelty, SLS and paraben free. 

Top myths and misconceptions about the perfect dog wash

As summer is here, it’s a great moment to refresh things up. And here, of course, we’re not only thinking about the usual summer cleaning session. Our furry friends also deserve a lot more attention, taking into account that we usually spend more time outdoors. So, what should you do to help your pet cope with higher temperatures easier? Taking into account the large number of myths closely linked to this topic, it’s easier to see why some of us may get mislead. Thus, let’s demystify some of the most popular myths regarding the perfect dog wash solution for this summer.

dog wash

Top myths about grooming your dog

Let’s see what’s reality and what’s not! Stay one step in front of misinformation!

Myth #1: All dogs hate bathing

Wrong! There are dogs who actually love grooming time. Why? They either like spending time with their owner, they enjoy the attention they get, they like being brushed or they love the massage that comes with the bath. Any way you take it, there’s at least something they enjoy, try to find what your dog loves and use it in your own favor. Thus he will enjoy the bathing time more and more.

Myth #2: Bathing your dog regularly damages his skin and coat

This is just one of those myths that never seem to disappear no matter how much accurate information there is. Bathing your dog regularly can moisturize his skin, prevent certain skin conditions and bring a series of health benefits, but ONLY IF you use the right organic dog grooming products! Top-quality products are specially created to meet their needs, as they are enriched with minerals and vitamins to help them stay healthy.

Myth #3: There’s no need for a dog shampoo

We cannot stress how wrong this really is! Human products do no good for your pets. This is why pet products have been created - to meet their special needs and requirements. A fact is certain – our skin is different compared to our pets’, and by washing your dog with a human shampoo you are basically damaging their natural barrier against infections.

The perfect dog wash session – More myths!

And the list can continue, as the myths seem to be diverse. Which one sounds familiar? Let’s name 3 more popular myths among pet parents all over the world.

Myth #4: All dog shampoos do the same thing

There’s no need to state that every dog shampoo is different. It depends on the substances used, the vitamins and what they are designed for (see the anti-itch shampoos, the deep cleansing shampoos and so on. Each one has a different purpose)… How should you choose your dog shampoo?

  • Focus on organic and all-natural dog wash products
  • Read the labels and try some non-toxic and no-preservatives products
  • Choose some that bring benefits to your dogs’ health

How can you know you made the right decision? The results will give you the answers you need!

Myth #5: A good dog wash = 30-minute bath

Brush, bathe and dry! There’s no exact science when grooming your pet. This should be relaxing and entertaining! Focus on making your pet happy while cleaning and revitalizing his coat and skin. It’s that easy…

Extra tips

dog wash winterMyth: You shouldn't groom your dog on rainy days

Some owners don’t wash their canine friends during rainy days or even worse, during the entire winter time because they fear they might get cold. Wrong! Just think about the heating system that’s active during these days in your home. It dries out the skin of your pet making it itchy. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t wash your dog on colder days. The only thing to be careful with is to make sure his coat is dried before going out. For extra protection, you can always buy him a sweater, if needed!  

Remember: with the right products you actually help his skin stay hydrated and help him get rid of dry and itchy skin conditions.


Choose specially-designed dog wash products and don’t put your dog in danger. Above all, avoid common blunders and make sure you know what’s fact and what’s myth!

The best reasons to adopt rescue puppies

Are you thinking about bringing home a new furry friend? Do you want a pet you could pamper? Then you should firstly consider local animal shelters! Why? Here’s some food for thought! Let’s name just some of the reasons why rescue puppies should be your top priority!

rescue puppies

We all know that animal shelters are crowded with loving pets who just want a place to call home. Give the second chance at happiness to a pet who really needs it. By adopting rescue puppies, your life will change, and as some say – they will teach you some valuable life lessons, you cannot experience with a dog you buy from a puppy store. Enjoy!

Why should you adopt rescue puppies?

There’s no way that a visit to the animal shelter won’t make you fall in love with some rescue puppies in need. But if you’re still looking for some strong reasons to get out of the house and visit an animal shelter, then here are top reasons not to waste time anymore and save a life!

  • Yes, you’re actually saving a life!

By adopting a pet from an animal shelter, you basically give them a new lease of life. You enrich your own life, but also save at least one from an unknown destiny. The reasons why pets get to an animal shelter are diverse: they got lost, abandoned or they were simply not wanted anymore. Choose to do a good deed and adopt your own furry friend!

  • Save money

Not only that you save a life, but you can also save money. Adopting a pet is usually inexpensive! Just ask your local pet adoption center and go meet your next loyal companion.  

  • Get what you’re looking for: a true friend!

Pets come in all shapes and sizes. So, either that you’re looking for some rescue puppies or an adult dog, you’ll most likely find your best match in an animal shelter. What’s more, you can choose from a variety of dogs the one that suits your lifestyle taking into account the breed, the age or whether you want a female or a male. Just try it!

Why rescue puppies?

Here are another 3 popular reasons why people choose to adopt rather than buy from a puppy store.

  • Man's best friend

You should know from the early beginning that every dog has to pass a series of tests before being put up for adoption. And here we’re talking about both medical, temperament and behavior testing. In addition, if we’re talking about an adult dog, chances are he already knows some basic dog training commands. So, hurray!rescue puppies canada

  • Get unconditional love

If you choose to take home an abandoned dog or a dog that had a difficult life, then you can be positive than once he trusts you, he will provide unconditional love, loyalty and attachment. Choose to make his life better, and he will be there for you years to come.

  • Get a great companion

In the end, by choosing a dog from an animal shelter, you have the chance to take home a friend that can suit your lifestyle too, including a jogging partner or just a good listener. Choose an energetic dog that needs a lot of daily activity if you like to exercise or a fluffy puppy if you have small kids. It's your choice!

Experience the joy of pet adoption

The reasons you should choose rescue puppies or any other shelter pets are endless. The ones mentioned above should set the background for a new adventure. However, you will certainly discover more by visiting your local animal shelter. So, what are you waiting for? Go meet a loyal buddy, that will enrich your life!

5 myths about natural pet store food

Owning a pet means having responsibilities, besides having a loyal friend. Thus, we get to talk about choosing what’s best for their health. So, what better way than to make sure we purchase organic pet products and natural pet food nutrients? As this is one of those controversial topics, it's easy to see why we face numerous misconceptions and popular myths. So, how can we stay away from believing what's obviously just pure fantasy? We need to get to the bottom of things and discern facts from fiction. Therefore, let’s discuss together some of the most known myths about shopping for food from a natural pet store.    

natural pet store food

Good nutrition is the key to the well-being of any pet. While many owners believe that whatever food makes the dog happy is beneficial, others are simply focusing on providing top-quality products. But, should we be reluctant to new products? 

Word to the wise: 'The only thing that is constant is change'Heraclitus, therefore so is our food and our pet's eating habits. Stay up-to-date with the novelties in the industry and make sure that the food you give to your pets has healthy effects on the long-term.

Natural pet store facts

It’s easy to get misinformed with today’s abundance of news and articles. So, choosing the right organic ingredients can easily become troublesome. But not anymore... We have prepared some food for thought for you. Check out the main benefits of feeding your dog organic treats and natural-based food:

  • Healthier skin & coat
  • Reduced risks of catching diseases
  • Smooth digestion
  • More energy and vitality
  • Better immune system

Myths debunked: Natural pet store treats and more

Check out these popular myths about feeding your dog from a natural pet store. This way you stay away from common blunders. Keep yourself informed, and trust your gut instinct – if you feel something is not as organic as it seems, then don’t give it to your pet either.

Myth no. 1: Healthy food is always expensive

‘You get what you pay for’ – this is a no-go when it comes to pet food! Expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better or healthier. The same things happen when we talk about human food, it’s mostly about marketing and branding. You need to build a balanced diet for your furry friend based on his daily needs, weight, age and breed. Each dog is different! So, make sure you adapt his diet to keep him fit and healthy.

Hint: Including organic treats in your pet's diet comes with extraordinary benefits too. And guess what? They are inexpensive but essential! 

Myth no. 2: Food variety is bad for your pet

natural pet store

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Providing your dog a diverse range of nutrients can only do good! This helps him have a better immune system and a better digestion. However, don’t exaggerate and don’t force your dog into eating something that he clearly doesn’t like. Research the topic, ask your vet or your favorite food supplier for some advice. 

Myth no. 3: Commercial dog food is not healthy

We cannot state that everything you find online or at your favorite pet store is healthy. It depends on a variety of factors. The best thing you could do is to research every label of every product you want to buy. Thus, you will be able to choose what’s right for your little friend. Tip: Choose organic foods that bring something beneficial to your pet’s overall health (coat, skin, teeth and so on).

And the list continues….

Myth no. 4: Human foods are OK for dogs

This forever lasting debate has to have a stop button, right? Dogs have different needs compared to humans. In short, they need a balanced diet consisting of proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates. Of course, things such as chocolate, onions, grapes, garlic or raisins are a no-no food for dogs. Take no risks and choose organic dog food from a specialized natural pet store!

Myth no. 5: You cannot do anything about your dog’s bad breath

Wrong! You can! Apart from a proper dental hygiene and an appointment to your vet, you can also control this through his diet. Most of the smell can come as a result of the digestive system. Trying to stimulate saliva with organic treats can also help. Ask your vet more about this issue!


All in all, don’t be fooled by the numerous number of myths closely linked to your dog's favorite natural pet store food. Choose to stay informed and thus you’ll manage to keep your pet healthy and happy! 

How to have a happy pet this spring

Warmer weather and longer days, all lead us to only one thought – spring is here! So, what can you do for your furry friends to make sure they will not catch the spring fatigue? Having a happy pet means having a healthy pet too. So, get your inspiration from today’s article. Read on for some catchy ideas!

happy pet

Basic principles to apply this spring!

Your pets are most likely as excited as you are when it comes to spending time outdoors. But, keep in mind these tips before spring conditions affect the overall health of your pet. Here’s how you can have a happy pet this spring!

  • Be cautious and don’t exaggerate

We all want to spend as much time outdoors as possible when spring comes. But do you know what most people do in the first few sunny days? They tend to overdo it! Don’t try to make up for the winter months in just one single day, because you’ll most likely end up exhausting yourself and your pet too.

  • Moderation is the key

Get your dog for a walk or just play some Fetch. This way you’ll both exercise and you’ll spend time outdoors. However, don’t forget about point number one – don’t do more than you both can. Remember – both you and your pet friend are recovering after some months of inactivity. You might have some extra pounds to lose, but you need to do it gradually, and so does your dog. What’s more, never ignore his age, the older dogs will need more time to adapt both to weather and exercise.  

The guide to a happy pet…

Although these tips might sound cut-and-dry at first sight, you would be surprised to find out how many owners forget about most of these tricks over the years. Try them and get a happy pet almost instantly.happy pet spring

  • Don’t forget about grooming

Spring is a perfect time to groom your pets. Hint: Warmer temperatures also mean less fur needed. So, don’t let shedding take you by surprise. Stay one step ahead and prepare your furry friends for the warmer season. You can groom your pets at home using organic grooming products, or you can simply take them to their favorite saloon.

  • A happy pet is a healthy pet

If it’s spring, you’ll most likely take your dog to the dog park. Meeting other dogs also mean a higher probability of catching a disease. As a result, now it would be a smart idea to check your pet’s vaccines. Are they up to date? If not, schedule an appointment with your vet as soon as possible.

  • Seasonal allergies, a real problem!

Yes, your pooch can have allergies to certain plants or pollens too. So make sure to keep an eye on their overall health during these next months. If you notice something fishy, then it probably is. The secret to having a happy pet – look out for their seasonal issues.  

Try these spring ideas and have a happy pet

All in all, the spring season comes both with reasons to be happy, but as well with responsibilities. Keep your buddy safe from seasonal threats (remember flea and tick prevention) and help him adapt to higher temperatures. By all means, avoid leaving him in the car, especially on warmer days and exercise moderately. Make your dog happy and he will love you eternally!

"The dog who meets with a good master is the happier of the two." -Maeterlinck

Your guide to a perfect pet spa day at home

Does your dog look scruffy? Don’t you have time to get him to a professional pet spa? Then, why don’t you organize a relaxing pet spa day at home? You can do it too, trust me! Yes, even if you have a pooch that hates water… If you do things the right way, you won’t be able to get him out of the water after this, we promise.

pet spa

After a long walk or exercising in the nearby park, every pup deserves a relaxing bath. But, what if your dog panics every time you say the ‘b’ word (bath)? Well, things will change for you too, by only following some easy steps…

An ideal pet spa day at home…

Taking care of the well-being of your best friend is important and it includes both grooming and maintaining a good hygiene. Fortunately for you, there are numerous natural products you could use at home and convert this experience into a professional pet spa day at home.

Step 1: Brush and bathe

Before the bath, we strongly recommend brushing your dog. This way, you eliminate the loose fur and you get rid of some of the dirt that is stuck in your pet’s coat. Moreover, don’t use cheap shampoos, choose a good-quality one, with natural ingredients and beneficial coat minerals.

Hint: Dogs have sensitive skin and the cheap shampoos may contain harsh ingredients. So, choose wisely! 

Step 2: Give a relaxing massage

Giving a massage to your pet while bathing is an excellent idea as it can help him relax. After all, he loves to get your attention. But this is not all, a good massage also stimulates the skin’s natural oils that make his coat look shiny. So, why not pamper your dog too? Make him love this activity!

Step 3: Don’t forget the towel

At the end, wrap your dog in a fluffy towel. As much as you like to cuddle in a cozy towel after the bath, he will enjoy it too. By doing this, his fur will dry faster and he won’t scatter water all over the place.

A bonding experience with your pooch

pet spa homeNow that your little friend is clean and dry, you can go a little bit further and polish his looks. Do a head-to-toe inspection and see what else he needs. For instance:

  • Clip his nails
  • Cut the hair around his eyes
  • Brush his teeth
  • Clean his ears
  • Massage his paws

We know your dog has personality and you’re probably not going to do all of these. One fast solution – rotate the activities, or postpone them until your dog is tired and try again. You’ll manage to do them eventually, so don’t lose hope!

Grooming your dog at home

All in all, either that you want to pamper your dog, if he’s feeling blue, or if he simply needs a bath, a pet spa day at home can be the ideal solution. Take into account these simple tips and you’ll both get to enjoy a steamy bath more. Don’t force your dog and arm yourself with a lot of patience. Things are always more difficult at the beginning!