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Top 5 pet spa grooming secrets

You’re probably scheduling an appointment with your favorite groomer once every 2-3 months. But what happens if you don’t have the necessary time? And how can you maintain the proper hygiene in-between these appointments? Well, by discovering some pet spa grooming secrets you can learn how to groom your pooch at home, or at least get to handle some techniques that can make things easier when the bathing time comes. Don’t worry, if you follow our guide everything will become a lot easier.


Either that your dog hates bathing time, or you find brushing his teeth or clipping his nails one of those impossible things to do, all pet parents have their own little obstacles to overcome. Thus, we have checked some of the tips and tricks you can try at home to convert this activity into an enjoyable and relaxing one. Just have a look!

Top pet spa grooming tips to try at home

A fact is certain - if you’re one of those pet parents who don’t struggle during bathing time, then you can certainly consider yourself lucky! If you’re not, then these tips are exactly what you’re looking for.

  • Repetition is the key

To make sure your dog will enjoy bathing and will associate this experience with something enjoyable, you have, as some say, to train his mind too. New puppy? Then, good news – this might turn out to be easier, but you have to start from an early age. Try new activities with him and reward good behavior. If you’ve just adopted an older dog, then don’t worry. Confidence and trust should be part of the daily menu. Give him some dog treats and let him get accustomed to pet spa grooming sessions at home.

  • Don’t rush

Another key aspect of a successful pet spa grooming at home is to take your time. Both you and your dog should enjoy bathing time and should feel relaxed. Don’t rush and most of all have patience. Remember – the first times you try can have a huge impact on the later ones too.

  • Brush attentively

In short, you need to detangle with care. Imagine having long hair all over your body and someone rushing to detangle it. This can be extremely painful and therefore stressful for your dog! So proceed with caution and go easy on him. Hint: to avoid painful experiences take your time and brush his coat regularly. What’s important – brush his coat before getting him in the bathtub. It will help!

More efficient tips for loving pet parents

And the list continues…

  • Always, from back to front

As little importance you might give to other pet spa grooming steps, this one is essential! You need to start cleaning from back to front. Thus, your pet will get accustomed to the water temperature and to being wet too. If you start cleaning and wetting his head, water may get into his eyes or nose. And guess what? This can only mean – end of the session!


  • Only the right products can give you the right results

What are the secrets behind every professional pet spa grooming session? What makes your dog’s coat shine? Well, besides the techniques used, the grooming products also play an important part! So, the experts’ advice: use all-natural organic products that not only will get your pooch in a tip-top shape but also will keep him healthy too!


By following some easy but efficient tips you can organize a successful pet spa grooming session at home too. Learn from the pros and discover all the secrets before you try it! Good luck!

Pet spa grooming: Facts vs Myths

In some cases, there’s just a thin line between fact and myth. As a result, it’s understandable why so many of us get to believe some of the most popular pet spa grooming myths out there. In order to avoid these common blunders, make sure you know what’s fiction and what’s truth.  

pet spa grooming

Pet spa grooming myths: Cats

  • All cats are afraid of water

This is not true. There are cats who love bathing and even enjoy it. It depends on how you handle them and of course, on their history with water. Otherwise said, if their past association with water was a positive or a negative one. Anyway you take it, there’s a solution to every problem out there. If you don’t seem to manage it, then ask a professional groomer, they will know what to do.

  • Cats don’t need to be groomed

It’s true that we often see our cats grooming themselves, but this does not mean that they don’t need additional help. On the contrary, we need to bathe, brush and dry their coat. Otherwise, they may get dirty and even catch a disease.

  • Short-haired cats need no baths

It doesn’t matter what type of coat your cat has, every pet deserves a bath from now and then if you want to keep them healthy. Short-haired cats shed too! So, with regular baths, you can control this. Use an organic cat shampoo with decreasing properties and thus take care of her skin too.

  • You don’t need to trim your cat’s coat

If you don’t want to experience shedding then trim your cat’s coat. Get her to your favorite groomer or take time and do it yourself. It will be fun, just try it!

  • Once a cat hates water, you cannot change her mind

Well, it depends. With the right knowledge and the proper handling, even a cat who is scared of water can be trained. If you cannot handle it, get a professional to assist you!

pet spa grooming

Pet spa grooming myths: Dogs

  • There are dogs who don’t shed

Every dog sheds, irrespective of their breed. It’s true, there are breeds that shed more than others. So, don’t ignore the importance of grooming your dog regularly and keep this aspect under control.

  • Every dog shampoo has the same results

Shampoos come in different shapes and sizes, even for pets. We have anti-itch shampoos, hypoallergenic shampoos, deep hydrating shampoos and so on. So, besides the basic result – cleaning, every shampoo is different. So make sure, you have the right one for your dog’s needs.

  • Dogs shouldn’t be groomed during winter

Wrong! I might sound like a broken record – but keeping a balance is the key to the well-being of your pet. Think how dry the skin of your dog will be after 6 winter months without bathing, how dirty his coat or paws will be and so on. This can actually cause serious diseases! 

  • Outdoor dogs don’t need to be groomed

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Every dog needs grooming and bathing. If not, this will help dirt and bacteria to form. Choose to stay informed and your dog will stay healthy.

  • It’s normal for your dog to have dry skin after bathing

No! This is not normal. If you noticed your dog scratching intensively after having a bath this is because you’re using the wrong shampoo. So, change it, and soon! It’s not what your dog needs. Ask your vet or a groomer and they will guide you to use the right products. If you want to read more, here's another article about 'How to choose the right pet shampoo'

Final words

Separate fact from fiction when it comes to your pet spa grooming sessions. This way, your pets will stay healthy and you will make better-informed decisions. Consider these tips the next time you groom your pet. Good luck!  

Your guide to a perfect pet spa day at home

Does your dog look scruffy? Don’t you have time to get him to a professional pet spa? Then, why don’t you organize a relaxing pet spa day at home? You can do it too, trust me! Yes, even if you have a pooch that hates water… If you do things the right way, you won’t be able to get him out of the water after this, we promise.

pet spa

After a long walk or exercising in the nearby park, every pup deserves a relaxing bath. But, what if your dog panics every time you say the ‘b’ word (bath)? Well, things will change for you too, by only following some easy steps…

An ideal pet spa day at home…

Taking care of the well-being of your best friend is important and it includes both grooming and maintaining a good hygiene. Fortunately for you, there are numerous natural products you could use at home and convert this experience into a professional pet spa day at home.

Step 1: Brush and bathe

Before the bath, we strongly recommend brushing your dog. This way, you eliminate the loose fur and you get rid of some of the dirt that is stuck in your pet’s coat. Moreover, don’t use cheap shampoos, choose a good-quality one, with natural ingredients and beneficial coat minerals.

Hint: Dogs have sensitive skin and the cheap shampoos may contain harsh ingredients. So, choose wisely! 

Step 2: Give a relaxing massage

Giving a massage to your pet while bathing is an excellent idea as it can help him relax. After all, he loves to get your attention. But this is not all, a good massage also stimulates the skin’s natural oils that make his coat look shiny. So, why not pamper your dog too? Make him love this activity!

Step 3: Don’t forget the towel

At the end, wrap your dog in a fluffy towel. As much as you like to cuddle in a cozy towel after the bath, he will enjoy it too. By doing this, his fur will dry faster and he won’t scatter water all over the place.

A bonding experience with your pooch

pet spa homeNow that your little friend is clean and dry, you can go a little bit further and polish his looks. Do a head-to-toe inspection and see what else he needs. For instance:

  • Clip his nails
  • Cut the hair around his eyes
  • Brush his teeth
  • Clean his ears
  • Massage his paws

We know your dog has personality and you’re probably not going to do all of these. One fast solution – rotate the activities, or postpone them until your dog is tired and try again. You’ll manage to do them eventually, so don’t lose hope!

Grooming your dog at home

All in all, either that you want to pamper your dog, if he’s feeling blue, or if he simply needs a bath, a pet spa day at home can be the ideal solution. Take into account these simple tips and you’ll both get to enjoy a steamy bath more. Don’t force your dog and arm yourself with a lot of patience. Things are always more difficult at the beginning!