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Dirty dogs grooming – How to care for your outdoor dog!

Summer is near and this means higher temperatures and exhausting heat waves. Have you ever wondered how your dog copes with this season's conditions? What about your outdoor dogs? Due to all sorts of reasons, there are owners who prefer to leave their dogs in the backyard for most of their time. If you’re one of them, then you have to consider some ways to protect your pet and keep him safe and healthy. Outdoor dogs tend to get muddy and therefore messy easier. So, check out our dirty dogs grooming ideas for this summer!

dirty dogs grooming tips

How to help your dog enjoy the summertime

Summer can be a fun season, but also a dangerous one for outdoor dogs. However, if you take some precautionary measures, everything will be just fine.

  • Consider a wading pool

Depending on the area you live in, a pool, even a wading pool might be necessary if your dog loves to be outside. This is a fantastic way for them to cool down and enjoy the summer sun!

  • Exercise only in the morning or in the evening

Avoid midday walks as the hot weather can cause all sorts of season-specific problems. If possible, try to search for parks where your dog can walk on grass and avoid asphalt areas. The heat can actually burn their paws easily.  

Not all breeds should be left outside

Make sure your dog can stay outdoors for more than a couple of hours. There are breeds that need special attention. Ask your vet about this!

  • Offer plenty of shade

Even though there are many debates on the importance of a dog house during the summertime, the shade from a tree can be a better option. Why? It provides not only shade but it also leaves the air to flow through. So, if your backyard has trees, your pup will surely appreciate.

  • Don’t forget about providing fresh water

Dehydration is a real danger during warmer seasons. So, don’t forget to always check if your canine friend has fresh water. Try some ice cubes, they will love them! Hint: Dehydration in dogs is similar to what humans experience, so don’t neglect it.

Dirty dogs grooming tips for the summer

Check out these dirty dogs grooming ideas to put into practice this summer. This will help you have a clean pooch, even if he likes cooling down in the mud.

How to get your dog ready for the summer

dirty dogsScheduling an appointment with the local vet is a must, especially with these changing temperatures. Check his vaccines and make sure your pet is ready for the summertime. Professional advice can always come in handy.

  • Keep your pooch properly groomed

Both long-haired and short-haired dogs need a thorough grooming routine during the summer time. Higher temperatures can make them feel uncomfortable. Use a deshedding shampoo and brush their coat frequently to remove loose hair. Help your pet have a smooth transition!    

  • Adapt their diet and include organic treats

You won’t believe how important diet and treats can be for your dog too. Thus, it’s utterly important to invest only in all-natural products that bring real benefits to his diet.

  • Invest in a pet care kit for outdoor dogs

Keeping your furry friend safe also means being prepared for unfortunate events. As summer is a great season for outdoor activities, accidents can happen too. So, a smart tip would be to have an organic pet care kit with you, that might include a dog rescue cream. You never know, when you might need them!

  • In the end, just let your dog be happy

In short, let your dog enjoy summertime. Never leave your dog in the car and avoid exercising in the middle of the day. Everything else should be allowed: digging, chilling in the pool or even napping in the shade.  


Take into account some of the dirty dogs grooming tips and your pooch will stay healthy and safe this summer. Balance is key, so don’t exaggerate with the time spent outdoors and make sure he has everything he needs to enjoy summer just as you!

How to have a stress-free pet vet visit

As incredible as this might sound, going to the vet can become just a routine, even for your naughty pets too. How is this possible? Well, there are some tricks you could use to prepare your next pet vet visit. Even your over-excited dog can stand still during the consultation. Here’s how…

pet vet

According to pet experts, if you set up a prior relaxation routine for your dog, then your next trip to the vet will look a lot different from the rest. A fact is certain – you cannot ignore the importance of regular pet vet visits. Either that we talk about annual vaccinations or periodic health check-ups, your pet needs to enjoy this activity and not see it as a punishment.

But how can we make sure our dog won’t develop anxiety in relation to the next vet appointments? Of course, the first visit can have a huge impact! However, if things haven’t been so bright up to this point, don’t lose hope! We have prepared for you a checklist that will guarantee a change for the better!

Stress busters for your next pet vet appointment

If you’re one of those 7/10 owners who have pets that simply hate going to the vet, then these tips will surely give you a helping hand. If your pet is not accustomed to your vet, then they will perceive him as a stranger who wants to touch them or get them out of their comfort zone. Indeed, not something any pet can easily accept... But, there are things you could do to ease their anxiety.

  • Exercise your dog

One of the easiest ways to make sure your dog will be less hyperactive when visiting your vet is to exercise him before the appointment. Thus, your little friend will become more patient.

  • Induce relaxation

After exercising your dog, you can now pamper him with a nice bath and a massage. By doing this, you’ll get him to be calm, relaxed and submissive. Consequently, you ensure that the visit to the pet’s doc will be less hectic.

  • Take your time

Don’t hurry because you’ll most likely cause excitement. And the last thing you want is your dog to feel the fuss before going to the vet. Plan this trip in advance and get your pet in the right state of mind before stepping out of the house.

What else can you try?

If you’ve already tried some of the above tips, then we have some food for thought for you! All these habits will only help you work things out when you can only see a lost battle.

  • Reward good behavior

Don’t forget about giving their favorite treats when they behave well. This is called positive reinforcement. For instance, if the vet managed to take a blood sample or look at their paws or ears without a hassle, then don’t ignore this moment. Give rewards (only if the vet agrees) and use an appropriate pitch of voice!

  • Their toys can help too!

Another trick you can use is to bring their favorite toy with you at the vet. This will keep their minds occupied and make the visit less scary.

  • Check your pet regularly

Otherwise said, when at home, try to do what the vet usually does – a head-to-tail check-up. For instance, look at his paws, his tummy or his ears. Thus, your pet will get accustomed to being touched… Convert this into a game and it will be perceived as a fun activity too.

Stay relaxed and your pet will follow!

To sum it all up, as you can see there are some things that can convert your ordinary pet vet visit into an enjoyable moment. Keep your spirits up, be positive and everything will go according to plan. You’re the pack leader so never lose grip on things! Not even when you have a vet appointment. Good luck and fingers crossed!

A top organic dog grooming routine to keep your pet healthy

Grooming your dog regularly can turn out to be a fun and pleasant experience both for you and your pet. Thus, you can spend quality time with your pet and also get to pamper it. What’s more, if you set yourself a schedule, this activity will become a routine for your pet and it will turn out to be inexpensive for your budget too. Everyone wants to have a cute, good-looking and healthy pet, so how can you do it too? Here are some easy organic dog grooming tips that can make your life a lot easier!

organic dog grooming

Grooming your pet shouldn’t be stressful. On the contrary, you should both enjoy it. But what about your time? As we live in this hectic society where no one has time anymore, caring for your pet might become an issue. Don’t worry, we have prepared some fast solutions that will solve your problems.

With natural products, such as Dead Sea Spa Products for pets, you can provide a healthy organic dog grooming session, at home, like the pros do it. Just have a look and try it for yourself!  

How to keep your pet healthy

Even though some owners might be misled by the idea that every pet cares for itself, don’t make the same mistake. You want your dog to be healthy, beyond everything else, right? So, besides his own cleaning routine, you need to invest time in your little friend too. What’s important – choose what’s best for your pet, that is to say, high-quality products! But let’s get down to business and see what you can actually do… Ready, set, go!

  • Brush your dog's coat regularly

Depending on your dog’s breed and his type of coat (long, medium, or short coat) you’ll need to brush your dog daily, once every week or twice a week, for instance. Why is brushing so important? In short, to keep his coat and skin healthy. It will make the bathing process easier too.  Hint: try a conditioner every now and then for the finishing touch!

  • Use organic bathing products

With a good dog shampoo, your pet can enjoy some relaxing spa treatments right in the comfort of your own home. This will help you remove your dog’s smell and clean his coat from things such as dirt or dust that can cause diseases at some point.

  • Keep his eyes and ears clean

As we wash our faces daily, we need to keep our little friends clean too. Just use a tissue and wipe their eyes and ears gently.

More organic dog grooming tricks to try at home!

And this is not all, we have more secrets to share with you. Take them step-by-step and keep your dog happy and healthy, by using natural grooming products!

  • Have you thought about your pet's oral hygiene?

By brushing his teeth once in a while, you can keep your dog’s teeth in good shape and avoid later complications. This way, when getting older, you can be positive your dog will have no issues while chewing.

  • Trim your dog's nails

You don’t want your dog to slide when running or hurt his paws, right? So, although this might seem painful or daunting, it is not. You can do it at home! Just try it!

  • Don't forget about his bedding!

There’s no point in giving your dog regular baths and coat treatments if you send him to sleep in an untidy bedding. So, make sure you keep his own sitting area tidy too!

Keep your dog happy and healthy!

To put it all in a nutshell, keeping your dog groomed will make him not only happy but also healthy too. By following the above-mentioned tips, everything will become as easy as 1,2,3…

Spend time with your pets, give them love and affection and they’ll certainly repay you with a loyalty that has no boundaries…

PS: Don’t forget to check out our organic dog grooming products with properties from the Dead Sea. Your dog will simply love them!